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Fast travel makes any game easier, and Stardew Valley is no exception. By cutting down on the time they spend running back and forth between areas, players have more opportunity to mine for treasure, catch fish, plant their crops, and explore exotic locales — and still get home before they pass out at 2 a.m.

While Warp Totems can be useful for this, they are consumed after each use, forcing the player to spend resources to craft them again and again. For a more permanent way to access warp technology, players might consider building Obelisks on their farm. These mystical buildings will instantly teleport the player to a specific location. However, such powerful magic doesn't come cheap.

Updated February 17, 2023 by Demaris Oxman: The staying power of Stardew Valley is a testament to the gameplay quality, replayability, and wealth of content found in this charming indie farming sim. Of course, in the later game, it can grow tiring running from one end of the valley to the other. Tending crops, fishing, and spelunking in caves are all time-consuming activities, and busy farmers don't have much time to commute. That's where the Obelisks come in handy. These teleportation devices can be purchased from the Wizard, and require some costly materials to build. To help players out, this guide has been further updated with more information on unlocking and building the Obelisks in Stardew Valley.

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About Obelisks In Stardew Valley

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How To Unlock Obelisks

All Obelisks, except the Farm Obelisk, can be purchased at the Wizard's Tower. This option becomes available after completing the quest "Goblin Problem," in which the player retrieves the Wizard's magic ink from his ex-wife, the witch. The quest itself is fairly straightforward; check out a walkthrough here.

After the wizard thanks the player and reveals his magical book's location, simply interact with it to bring up a menu of available obelisks (and a few other magical buildings, like Junimo Huts). Once players have the funds and materials they need, they will be able to select the hammer-like icon at the bottom of the screen. This will allow them to place the obelisk on their farm, much like with buildings in Robin's carpentry shop. Unlike Robin, though, the Wizard has magical building abilities that allow the tower to appear instantly.

Are Obelisks Worth Building?

Considering their high cost in both materials and in-game money, some players may wonder if these teleportation towers are worth the high price. The short answer is yes. In the late game, players will be raking it in hand over fist, especially if they follow advanced tips for in-game moneymaking. The resources can take some time to collect, but it makes for a fun late-game challenge.

In terms of priority, the Desert and Island Obelisks should be built first. Without them, players will be stuck relying on Sally and Willy for transportation to the Calico Desert and Ginger island, respectively. The Earth and Water Obelisks are also quite useful, but are less essential if players have the Mine Carts that allow for quick transportation between certain points. Finally, the Farm Obelisk may be useful if players spend a lot of time on Ginger Island; however, it is rendered somewhat redundant if players buy the Return Scepter from Krobus.

Earth Obelisk

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This mystical building will warp the player to the Mountains, near Robin's carpentry shop. It comes in handy for exploring the caves, doing a bit of lake fishing, visiting the Adventurer's Guild, or heading over to the Quarry.

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Players will need the following items in order to build the Earth Obelisk:

  • 10 Iridium Bars
  • 10 Earth Crystals
  • 500,000g

Obtaining Materials

  • Iridium Bars: Players can find Iridium Ore in the lower levels of Skull Cavern, and use Furnaces to smelt it into Iridium Bars. Expeditions here can be dangerous, so players should arm themselves with bombs, swords, and plenty of health-restoring items. Additionally, once players earn four candles at Grandpa's Shrine, they will receive the Statue of Perfection. This statue produces 2-8 Iridium Ore per day, giving players access to a nearly unlimited supply.
  • Earth Crystals can be found in Geodes, or can be picked up as foraged minerals throughout levels 10-20 in the Mines. They're not the rarest of minerals, but it can still take some patience to collect ten of them.

Water Obelisk

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If players need to get some ocean fishing done, check their crab pots, or visit Willy at his shop, this Obelisk will warp them to the Beach. In addition to helping players get these tasks out of the way, it also works well as a shortcut to the Night Market, or the boat to Ginger Island if that Obelisk is not yet built.

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Here's what farmers will need to construct the Water Obelisk:

  • 5 Iridium Bars
  • 10 Clams
  • 10 Coral
  • 500,000g

Obtaining Materials

  • Clams: Players can pick up these shellfish as forage on the Beach south of Pelican Town, or can catch them by placing Crab Pots in the ocean and loading them with bait. As both forage and crab-pot catches are based on daily luck and percentage chances, farmers might have to wait awhile for enough clams to appear.
  • Coral can also be foraged on the Beach, on the eastern side of the map across the bridge that is broken at the beginning of the game. Once players fix this bridge with 300 wood, they can collect forage here. The best time to collect Coral is Summer 15-18, when a high quantity of these items wash up on the beach.

Desert Obelisk

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Tired of waiting until 10:00 for the bus to Calico Desert? This will teleport the player there in a flash. It's especially handy when players are delving into Skull Cavern, as it can give them up four extra hours for their long, dangerous expedition. Whether they're trying to get to Level 100 for the first time or complete a difficult Qi challenge, those hours can make a ton of difference.

Here's what they'll need for this obelisk:

  • 20 Iridium Bars
  • 10 Coconuts
  • 10 Cactus Fruits
  • 1,000,000g

Obtaining Materials

  • Coconuts appear on the ground as forage in Calico Desert. Players may also find them by shaking or chopping palm trees in Calico Desert or on Ginger Island. Note that Golden Coconuts do not count; the Desert Obelisk requires standard, edible coconuts to construct
  • Cactus Fruit also appear as forage in Calico Desert. Alternatively, players can buy Cactus Seeds from Sandy to grow their own. However, note that these will not grow outdoors on the Stardew Valley farm, as even the summer weather is too cold for them. Grow them in the Greenhouse, indoors in flower pots, or on the Ginger Island farm.

Island Obelisk

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Similarly to the Desert Obelisk, if players have this tower, they no longer need to wait for an NPC's transportation in order to get to their destination. Instead, they can warp to Ginger Island quickly to explore the Volcano Dungeon or tend their tropical crops. Just like with Skull Cavern, this time-saver can be critical for players trying to reach the Volcano forge.

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To build the Island Obelisk, players will need the following materials:

  • 10 Iridium Bars
  • 10 Dragon Teeth
  • 10 Bananas
  • 1,000,000g

Obtaining Materials

  • Dragon Teeth can be found in Ginger Island's Volcano Dungeon. A Dragon Tooth may drop from a killed Lava Monster, the creatures that lurk beneath the pools of lava and surface to spit fireballs at the farmer. Players may also find Dragon Teeth sitting on the ground to be picked up (usually near skeletal remains in the caves).
  • Bananas, predictably, grow on Banana Trees. Players can find Banana Saplings inside Golden Coconuts, or the player can purchase one from the Island Trader for 5 Dragon Teeth. Professor Snail will also give a sapling to the player as a reward when they complete the Large Animal collection. This sapling can be planted either on the player's farm in Stardew Valley, where it will produce fruit in the summer; or on the Ginger Island farm, where it will bear fruit all year round.

Farm Obelisk

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Unlike the others, players cannot ask the Wizard to build this Obelisk for them. Rather, they must speak to the parrot at the west side of the Ginger Island Farmhouse. To unlock this construction, the player must have already purchased the following upgrades from the island's parrots:

  • Island Farmhouse – 20 Golden Walnuts
  • Mailbox – 5 Golden Walnuts
  • Beach Resort – 20 Golden Walnuts

To build the Farm Obelisk, the player must provide the parrot with 20 Golden Walnuts. Taking the prerequisite upgrades into account, this means that they will need to find at least 65 Golden Walnuts in total before they can build this Obelisk. When activated, it will warp the player back to their farm in Stardew Valley.

Obtaining Golden Walnuts

There are a number of ways players can find the Golden Walnuts hidden around Ginger Island. The most common and intuitive include fishing, harvesting crops, killing slimes, shaking trees containing walnuts, and tilling sand or soil in places marked with an X. For a more in-depth guide to all the ways to track them down, click here for a guide to finding all the Golden Walnuts on Ginger Island.

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